How much does a web site cost?

Our sites are all custom built to meet the customers needs, prices vary accordingly. The initial fee for basic sites that are only a few pages are reasonably priced, large complex sites can be many thousands of dollars. Our initial fee includes 1 year of managed hosting, after the first year the managed hosting services are $120 annually. Additional fees will be charged for major changes you request, major changes would include new theme/layout, additional features etc. We'll be happy to give you a quote so feel free to contact us.

What is managed hosting?

What we are providing is feature rich web sites for those that just want it to work. If you don't have the time or skills necessary to maintain the backend of a website such as applying security updates and backing it up but still want to add or change content on your website you have come to the right place. Whether it's fixing bugs or applying security patches. Our site are all built around a common core of files that simplifies this process, updating one site updates them all.

Will you build a site if it's hosted by someone else?

No, with one exception. Our experience is that most hosts do not offer the resources and flexibility we need, as a simple example many hosts have small limits on the size of files that can be uploaded through a web interface. Trying to work within the limits and server configurations someone else has set increases our workload and limits the options we can offer to customers. There is other issues as well such as server performance which is generally poor unless you're paying a lot for hosting. We want our customers and your customers to have the best experience possible and the only way we can do that is to have full control over the hosting environment. The exception is if you purchase a hosting plan with root access such as a VPS. This can be expensive and completely unnecessary unless your site is getting a lot of traffic.

Can I move my site to another host?

A full export of everything required to set up your site up on another host will be provided within one day to a week upon request. You will need a competent company or person to set this up on another host. The design of the sites we build are copyrighted by us however you have a license to use our design in perpetuity, the only restriction to this is a third party may not re-brand our design. We don't plaster our name all over your site and we certainly aren't going to allow someone else to plaster their name over our design.

I'm closed on Sundays now but my website still says I'm open?

You may hear ridiculous amounts of money to update your site from other companies but you won't hear that here. Our sites are based on Drupal which is a CMS (content management system). Anything on the site whether it's hours of operation, photo galleries, announcements or a typo can be changed by you through a simple to use web interface.

What if I don't want to manage the content on my site, will you manage it?

We offer that service but other than the initial setup for basic pages there is a fee for updating site content. That fee varies according to how much data you need added.

Do I get email accounts?

Email acounts are included with the hosting and can be managed by you. There is an unlimited amount of email accounts however storage and bandwidth caps apply.

What are the storage and bandwidth limits?

Storage limits are 10GB per site which is actually a lot, most sites rarely exceed 100MB. Unless you are creating huge amounts of photo galleries, video or audio it's more than sufficient. Currently bandwidth is unlimited but that is subject to change. To be honest these are not the real limits of your site, when you hear unlimited bandwidth and storage from other hosts these are just marketing gimmicks used to hook you. In the fine print you'll find vague limits on CPU usage. That is what sets the limits, as site traffic increases so does the amount of processing power required to serve sites. We don't have a set hard amounts here but if your site becomes popular that's a good thing and we'll offer guidance and support for setting your site up on it's own VPS.

What about backups?

Backups of the entire server are performed by our host on a daily basis but that is the last resort as it's typically not up to date. For the databases we make full backups every 24 hours and incremental backups every hour. We can go back days or even months to unique files which is a true backup. Unique or changed files are also backed once every 24 hours. If you need a more robust solution than this constant right up to date this service is available for an additional fee.

Can I get a copy of this backup?

Yes, FTP access is available for both the unique files on your site and the 24 hour database backups. Database backups as long as they do not exceed 2MB can be emailed to an external email address such as [email protected] , up to 10MB can be emailed to internal email address such as you@

What about audio and video?

Yes, and this is one important feature we can offer from basic players embedded on pages to live broadcasts, yes I said live broadcasts. This is all done in house.